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"Ella has been one of the most enthusiastic yet exacting directors I’ve worked with. She’s helped us cast incredible actors, in particular from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds, and gets brilliant performances from them. It helps that she has a truly encyclopaedic knowledge of the audio drama and podcast industry! She’s also been a great collaborator and has been praised by so many of our actors, plus producers from Marvel Entertainment. Absolutely world-class!"

Adrian Hon, CEO Six to Start

"Incredibly talented, endlessly creative, always hard working - Ella Watts is an absolute joy to work with. She makes a huge success of everything she turns her hand to."

Pete Strauss, Executive Producer BBC Studios

"Hands down the best in the business."

Jonny Sims, Creator of The Magnus Archives

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Ella is a director, producer and consultant who specialises in audio storytelling. She has a track record of producing award-winning audiobooks and podcasts, and is internationally renowned as a leading expert in the field of podcast fiction. She is available to hire as a director, producer and consultant. 

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Voice Direction

Bring your script to life.
Ella Watts has directed a range of productions, from audiobooks to serialised audio drama. Whether it's casting or live direction  (both remote and in studio), she knows how to work with actors to make your words shine.

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Give your work the care it deserves. Ella Watts has spent over six years creating multiple award-winning projects in the podcast industry. She is comfortable assembling and managing both your team and all aspects of the audio production process.

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Are you tempted to enter the podcast industry but don't know where to start? Do you need to bounce ideas off one of the best minds in the business?  Book Ella Watts today to untangle knots and help you figure out your next steps.

Ella Watts' work includes:

The cover image for the fiction podcast Doctor Who: Redacted. It shows the TARDIS behind shattered glass, backlit by green and yellow light, with the title Doctor Who Redacted and the BBC logo.
A promotional image for Marvel Move, an app from ZRX available on Google Play and the App Store that hosts a series of audio dramas with characters from Marvel Comics. This image shows a Black woman in a tank top running against a purple background while wearing headphones, with illustrations of Marvel characters behind her.
The logo for the fiction podcast Eliza: A Robot Story. This is the cover image of the show, showing a nude robot woman with a blue steel body and a hot pink wig, looking solemnly at the viewer. The logos for Manchester Women's Aid and Crowd Network are in the bottom corners.
The cover for Audible's production of the audiobook for The Woman in Black by Susan Hill, narrated by Paapa Essiedu. The image is photo-edited, with Paapa in period dress in front of a haunted looking house and scattered papers.
A posted for Quote...Unquote, the BBC Radio 4 series. The style of the image is vintage, with a large Q filled with a red background, and yellow speechbubbles naming various celebrity guests including Judi Dench, David Attenborough and Ian Mckellen.
The cover image for the fiction podcast come audiobook Re: Dracula. It shows a bloodstained vintage envelope with a red stamp in the top corner postmarked from Transylvania.


Ella Watts is a producer, voice director and audio consultant.

She works tirelessly to create masterful podcasts, audiobooks and audio dramas.

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