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This podcast life

Ella Watts is not just passionate about podcasts and audio drama. She's infatuated. Captivated. Sometimes even haunted.

She lives to pursue the very best in audio storytelling, both as a listener and as a creator, celebrating the infinite beauty of what Paul Bae once called 'the world's oldest form of storytelling in its newest form of technology.' 

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About Ella Watts

 With a background in criticism and journalism, Ella has a keen nose for where the audio industry has come from and where it is headed.  She's a sought-after consultant, offering her insights to organizations including BBC Sounds, BBC Radio 4, BBC Studios, Audible, the London Podcast Festival, and the Bloomsbury Handbook of Radio. Her research and analysis have made her a trusted advisor in the field.

As a director, Ella has worked for the BBC, Six to Start, Marvel, and numerous independent podcasts. She takes a particular joy in working with actors, translating scripts into sound and working out how to get the best performance from the whole cast. Ella's head is a rolodex of talent and she takes pride in her ability to cast widely and precisely. Ella is particularly committed to promoting talent from under-represented groups.

Ella was the driving force behind the successful Doctor Who: Redacted podcast, pitching and producing the first season. Her other producing work includes Crowd Network's Eliza: A Robot Story, the BBC Radio 4 stalwart Quote... Unquote and a plethora of independently produced podcasts. These include but are not limited to Re: Dracula, which she directed, and The Tower, which she Executive Produced.

Ella grew up in Australia and Hong Kong and received a Distinction for her Masters degree in Radio. Before that, she worked extensively with Bristol community radio station BCfm, especially its LGBTQ+ radio show ShoutOut. These days, she lives in Manchester.

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